Sep 03, 2008 / by corematters / No Comments

Are you crushed, trying to get a thousand things done today? In a 14-hour day, that’s only 8/10 of a minute per task…about 50 seconds. Well, that’s the way it feels…

No wonder you’re frazzled.

Stop. Pull in some air through your nose. Close your eyes. Bring everything back to your center. I often think that’s what a cat is doing before it pounces. It looks so intently at its target, with such absolute attention, but what is it thinking? Clearly, it’s gathering energy for the leap, but is it weighing the benefits against such effort?

Do you really need to do ALL of those things? What’s the payoff?

Make sure your return on investment is worth your effort. Parcel out the amount of time to each task according to the payoff for you.

And then decide.  Pounce? Or not?