Know anyone with Hip or Back or Knee or Neck Pain?

How many times have you tried to fix your knee?  Or you back?  Or your neck?

How many doctors have you seen?  Other providers?  Have you tried supplements?  Herbs?  Vitamins?

It’s not your fault that nothing’s worked.   By the time your pain is chronic, your situation is complicated.  It won’t respond to a one-time, one-line fix.   At least not permanently.

If you haven’t suffered a trauma (ie, crushed a bone, shredded tendons, etc), your pain probably stems from chronic misalignment.

Take your hip joint.  It’s designed so that the head of the thigh bone sits full-center in the socket above.  If you have become accustomed to a wobble or twist in that area, the joint is no longer in its most efficient load-bearing position, and the weight distribution shifts.  This leads to rubbing it in the wrong place which produces inflammation (doctors call that arthritis).  Keep using it in that mis-aligned manner, and you’ll be rubbing off synovial membrane.  That hurts.  Once you work your way through that, you begin working on the cartilage.   That hurts even more.   But the real pain comes when you get through the last bit of cartilage and wind up bone-on-bone.

Want some good news?   It’s reversible!   And it’s my specialty.   I can return you to a world of chronic alignment!

What’s needed here is to take a look at your body in motion, not on an exam table.   You also need an education.  And a plan–along with the support it takes to get you back on track.   When you’re finished working with us, you’ll take home the tools and the knowledge to thrive in the coming years.

So if you or anyone you know has been suffering or been told they need a replacement part, send them to me for another opinion!  Head over to my website.

Contact me.   And get relief.  Guaranteed.

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