What if your body started working 2, or 3 or 4 times better than it does now? If you can eat food and follow directions, then you can change your body with our KICK START.

KICK START™ Program Includes: 
  • Initial Evaluation: We’ll measure your starting point and develop your plan to get you maximum results.
  • Your Custom Nutrition Plan: This is the exciting part.  The plan is based on YOUR body and your energy needs!  You will learn how to fuel your body for life using the simple REAL FOOD you like and choose.
  • Orientation: You will receive your KICK START binder at this meeting, as well as all your customized directions and information. You’ll learn what to do to kickstart your body into a fat-burning state. And your binder will hold the education you need to succeed for the rest of your life. “Diet” never again!
  • Weekly Assessments: Each week, we review your journal, and you receive new Recipes, new Individual Menus, and a new Grocery List, and the coaching you need.
  • BONUS Optional Work Out: Once a week for 4 weeks you can Kick your fitness–and your results–into a higher gear with our bonus Saturday morning fat-blasting workout.
  • BONUS Optional Mid-Week Power Walks: In beautiful Roswell Park–or cardio at the studio:  Make a new habit, burn extra calories and enjoy the company of your KICK START™ friends.
  • BONUS Nutrition Seminar with the Founder: Learn how your body really works! You’ll know what to do to continue your success.
  • ADD our Weight-Management 101 online course to get the most education possible when it’s convenient for you!
  • Final Evaluation/Long Term Success Plan: Get the numbers! See how well you did during the KICK START and develop a plan to build on the momentum you have created to make 2018 your Healthiest and Best year Ever!
  • p.s. it’s FUN!!!
Get into our last 2018 Balanced Habits KICK START.  Early birds, before August 31, it’s $199!
After August 31, $249.
(Procrastinators pay $269 after September 17, 2018.)  

According to Nancy C, 3 weeks after her January KICK START, “I just had to put away a pair of pants because they were TOO BIG!…oh, and I now have a collar bone!” 

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Questions? Call (404) 435-6367

The MANDATORY Orientation is:  September 21, 2018, 6:30-8pm