Why SFG Kettlebells?

StrongFirst Kettlebell method delivers extreme all-round fitness—and no other single tool does it better.

Golfers, tennis players–anyone who plays a sport–will notice a difference in their game in only a few weeks.

SFG Kettlebell practice will improve your:  Balance, Power, Endurance, Coordination, Strength, and Flexibility

We will teach you the StrongFirst method.  SFGs like to say Strength Fixes (Almost) Everything!

Begin your Kettle Bell practice by learning the basics with a Certified StrongFirst Girya Instructor.

1) The SFG method is “hardstyle” which produces maximum results in minimum  time

2) The SFG method integrates strength, stability and movement, improving performance in all sports

3) Kettle Bells can put you closer to whatever goal you have by creating as much strength and muscle growth as you’re willing to work for

4) Kettle Bells will strengthen your back and shoulders, but most people pick up a Kettle Bell to burn fat

Take an Intro to Kettle Bell Workshop TODAY, and get strong! 

Just to make sure you are ready for Kettle Bell training  Schedule a free consultation HERE today! or contact Ann-Marie at 404.435.6367   annmarie@ourcorematters.com