If you’re like most people over a certain age…

…you know what the real Core Matters are.

You want a body that doesn’t stop you from doing what you need to do, love to do, or dream of doing, like playing golf or tennis, or climbing mountains, or taking bike tours, or playing with your kids or grandkids.  Or maybe just not ending up like your parents.

We can have that body–IF we do it right.

Doing it the right way is key–it’s the difference between aging and decaying.

At CoreMatters, we create functional, wicked strong, healthy bodies.

If you can’t get up from the floor, we’ll teach you how.  If you’ve had a hip or knee replacement, we know what to do.

If you hate big-box gyms, you’ll love it here.

It doesn’t matter when you start.  It only matters that you start.


AGE STRONG at CoreMatters

Call us today (404-435-6367) to schedule a free consultation or schedule one HERE and together, we’ll determine the best fit for you.


Here’s what our clients say about us:

“Everyone says I look like I’ve lost weight and I look better. I feel healthier than I did last year. That’s thanks to you and Marcus :-)”  Mitch H., age 55

“I thoroughly enjoy my time at CoreMatters. There is a real sense of community and support that makes a huge difference in establishing and maintaining a fitness plan.” Mike M.,  age 65

“Great training, instruction, and individual guidance.  My physical fitness has improved greatly, particularly in my posture and core…When I joined CoreMatters, I was having severe leg pain playing golf, and tennis. I also have had chronic back pain throughout my adult life…after following the program for just over a year, I got much stronger and all my pain went away.
Before CoreMatters, one round of golf would cause me severe leg pain for a day or two. Last week, I played six days in a row pain-free AND I’m hitting the ball much farther. So happy about that! My back is strong, posture is better, and I have no more pain. I’m 62 years old and feel stronger than I did 10 years ago…..Thank you CoreMatters for giving me my health back! I’m sticking with it. Al F., age 62

“The classes at CoreMatters are small and personal, and always interesting. We are learning continuously how to listen to our bodies and are learning new information all the time. Ann-Marie and her staff are always making sure we are using correct form, and if anything needs to be  tweaked for our personal strengths or weaknesses, there is always an answer for us. Love it!!” Marcia B., age 62

“The most amazing place, warm and intimate. My goal was to get stronger from the inside out and the staff here made it happen. CoreMatters should be a gift to yourself.” Margie S., age 52

“When I first signed up, it was because “Core” was in the news and it resonated with me.  I have tried many things, Pilates, Cross-Fit, group classes. But I knew I wasn’t making it on my own.  I knew I needed help.  That’s why I first signed on for Personal Training.  I stay with Small Group because CoreMatters never gives up on you!  The word that comes to mind when I think of CoreMatters is two words:  Whole Body!”  Lynne M., age 53

“I am not a ‘gym-person’.  CoreMatters gave me more of what I was interested in, the areas I wanted to concentrate on: safety, stability, strength.  My husband has already noticed a change in my posture!”  Doreen M., age 67

“I like the common sense, straight forward approach here.  Many people comment on how well I maintain my weight and fitness.  I thank them and tell them I owe it to CoreMatters!  My long term goal is fitness, strength and ability to stay active without injury.  Stress relief is a bonus; the restorative feeling after doing something good for my self is the immediate reward.”   Carole P., age 52

“I had so many injuries that my fitness level had decreased.  I was frustrated and depressed.  I needed someone who knew what they were doing to help me get my strength back.  While at CoreMatters, I developed better body mechanics, I learned that I was compensating during my own workouts, resulting in more pain and setbacks, specifically in my knees and low back.  So I was in a vicious cycle.  I also learned some exercises to strengthen my weak areas, and some new ways to stretch and/or relax the muscles that sometimes spasm.  Ann-Marie is so knowledgeable.  She notices every, tiny compensation going on and corrects it immediately.  She made me very aware of how to properly distribute my weight on my feet, as well as how my back should feel during certain exercises (balanced vs. tense.)  If you’ve had chronic injuries, CoreMatters is worth the investment.  You will gain so much valuable information about your how your body is meant to move both during a workout and in everyday living.”  Debbie P., age 55

“After I retired, I wanted to make myself a priority and start taking care of myself. I want to keep traveling and be with my grand kids.  I don’t want to wind up like my Mom, sitting and watching TV all day.  I chose CoreMatters because I don’t like gyms.  I like the small, personal studio and working with my age group.”  Vickie M., age 55 

“Before coming to CoreMatters I did not feel good about myself and I hated the extra weight and always feeling tired. After working with Ann-Marie I’ve lost weight, am sleeping better and feel much healthier.  I feel better about myself. I like the personal attention and feedback.  Give it a try – it won’t hurt you and you will feel better!”  Peg H., age 64

“This summer (2014), at 66 years old, I recognized that sitting at a desk all day working at a computer and playing a round or two of golf each year was not a healthy lifestyle. I knew I needed to make a change, but did not know how to go about it. Then, fortunately for me, I met Ann-Marie.

The first thing Ann-Marie did was sit down with me and ask me what I wanted to achieve and why. We talked about my lifestyle, health status, and desired quality of life. I was more than a little nervous about committing to a regular schedule of workouts because I didn’t know what to expect of myself physically or mentally. She confidently assured me that she would develop a program geared toward my needs and abilities.

Since starting my program at CoreMatters, I have gained strength, balance and confidence in my ability to make even greater strides. Through a regular and strenuous regimen of workouts varied to address my individual needs, Ann-Marie has taught me that there is always room for improvement but that I should appreciate my accomplishments. At times I felt I had reached my physical and mental limits, but Ann-Marie always found a way to keep me engaged.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about or unsure of beginning a program to improve their fitness and health to talk to Ann-Marie. She will listen to you, be honest with you, and help you improve your life.”  Chuck S., age 66