May 11, 2016 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments
Our first TakeDown Challenge was a huge success. Our 12 challengers lost 110 lbs of FAT in 28 days by eating “normal” food that you can buy at Publix. People reported“more energy, sleeping better, wedding ring is looser, clothing is too big, skin is brighter,and more.”
But the change we’re most proud of is the movement of one client from a diagnosis of Pre-Diabetic to complete absence of Diabetes–in 28 days!–despite being a busy realtor with lots of client meetings. (She really had her doubts at the beginning of the Challenge.)
During her physical, she had blood work from the week before beginning, and a follow-up a week after we finished the challenge. When her doctor saw her numbers, his jaw hit the floor. He couldn’t believe it.
Her Cholesterol dropped 63 points, her Triglycerides fell 75 points, her LDL- Cholesterol fell 45 points, her Glucose marker came down 8 points–even her Thyroid markers dropped by 30%. And of course, she lost fat!
In other words, by following our Balanced Habits program for exercise and nutrition, she became certifiably healthier!
And that’s our mission at CoreMatters:  to make our clients healthier.
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