Jul 31, 2008 / by corematters / No Comments

Change precipitates change.

For example, I bought a table tennis table two days ago, and brought it home to my basement. But, the only room it fits in currently holds the television and sofa. To move the television to another room will mean changing the use of not one, but two other rooms downstairs.

See what I mean?

But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just the consequence–the normal consequence–of making a change. And when we get it all moved around, it will actually be a nicer basement than before the table arrived.

As we scouted the new tv location, we saw the possibilities for a home theatre. Funny thing is, we’ve looked at this space for years and not seen it. Suddenly, it became clear. All because of a ping pong table.

Maybe we fear change because we know it usually means work.

But in the end, isn’t it usually worth it?