Did You Know Your Bones are an Organ?

Yes.  A living, breathing, working organ.  Your skeleton contains blood vessels, nerves, and lymph vessels.  They have 3 layers:  outer shell, spongy bone, and a medullary cavity.  The spongy bone and medullary cavity are filled with marrow.

We need our bones.   Desperately.  You know why?  First of all, they’re armor for some precious things.  Like your brain, your spinal cord, your inner organs.  Second thing they do is work like levers with your muscles to move you.  If you’ve aligned them properly, they’ll do most of the work to hold you up.  And they are very strong.  Much stronger than muscles.    They also create the red blood cells you can’t live without.   Remember marrow?  Finally, they store minerals including calcium and phosphorus and potassium that the body taps into when pH levels go out of balance.   And that’s a pretty constant process.    The optimal range for human blood pH is very narrow — just 0.1 on a 14-point scale — and so your bones have to work constantly to make sure that your blood stays in this range.

Most people think our bones are just solid “dead” things that keep us upright.  But in fact, they are in a constant state of decay and growth.  At any given moment, approximately 10%  of your bone mass has been replaced.

So let’s keep them in mind when we eat and play.  Eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible to get the minerals and phyto-nutrients our bones need.  And do some weight bearing work to keep our bones growing.    Because if you don’t use them…..

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