We all know more about how our cell phones work than we do about our bodies…

We also know the key to long-term, permanent weight-management – and overall health –  doesn’t start with a diet.  It starts with education.

Take this course, and in 12-Weeks (or less! You could binge-watch…), you’ll have the power of knowledge.


And you can  take control of taking care of YOU.

Your Course Includes:

  • Online web page presentation; 12-week structured curriculum
  • 90 Pages of handout documents in .pdf format – Easy downloads
  • 35 Streaming high-definition, video presentations
  • Downloadable .mp3 audio files for your iPhone, Android and all mobile
  • Self-testing with “auto-score” to automatically progress through chapters.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you curious about what a carb actually is?  Should you eat fat?

This exclusive course will answer those questions and more.  It covers basic human physiology.  It explains in non-technical terms how and why your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise.

The information is not intended to advocate any particular protocol.

It is straight-forward, peer-reviewed information to help you understand how your body really works.It does not promote any products.