Corporate Wellness Program Roswell GA

Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Programs in Roswell, Georgia

Lower health risks, less chronic diseases, fewer health care costs — a comprehensive fitness routine leads to these physical advantages. But health and wellness programs are not just good for the body. They provide a break from the work routine and give individuals a chance to de-stress. So, more companies are encouraging employees to join a fitness program.

Employees love Wellness programs because they feel validated and cared for by the company. Companies love our corporate wellness programs in Roswell, Georgia because they build teams & increase productivity. It’s a win-win situation that strengthens the team, improves each staff member’s health, and boosts the overall efficiency of the company.

Core Matters started out as a boot camp over a decade ago. Through the years, we studied the best ways to execute corporate fitness programs for Roswell, GA clients. Now, our formula includes fitness, food, and brain training to ensure the success of a program that your company will gladly shell out money for.

This is what you can expect from our program:

  • Vision Training: the fastest way to program compliance while improving vision. This program makes people very happy!
  • Balance Training: Falls are often preventable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014, 261,930 private industry and state and local government workers missed one or more days of work due to injuries from falls.
  • Onsite Workouts: Bootcamp style, running clubs, yoga, strength-training, and more.
  • Lunch and learn/Workshops: Topics can include: Nutrition, Goal Setting, Mindset, Stress Relief, and more
  • Corporate Challenges: For example an Attendance Challenge has been one of the best to help encourage employees to get moving and participate.
  • Ask the expert sessions: We come onsite to work with employees to create a plan or to provide coaching or both.  Individual or small group format.
  • 45min Lunch express workouts and/or Stress relief.
  • Special pricing at our Facility for our Team Training Workouts.

We spend time to get to know the company and learn what the company’s wellness goals are.

This isn’t your average, pedometer-wearing challenge, where everyone just shakes the device…

We go ground level to make a difference in every employee’s life. We modify, encourage, guide and hold people accountable. No app can do that.

Yes, a successful Corporate Wellness program lowers company health insurance costs, but more importantly, when it’s part of the culture, it builds employee loyalty. Apps don’t do that, either.

Wellness is not a single service or one-size-fits-all.  It is many services working together under a strategy that is uniquely yours. Our certified Health Solution Experts are ready to deliver.

If you’d like to learn more about how CoreMatters can be part of your company’s Wellness strategy, contact Ann-Marie today at (404) 435-6367 or

Core Matters is a full-service health and fitness company that focuses on all things core. What started out as a boot camp, is now a facility and program grounded in science and dedicated to continuing fitness education. We provide comprehensive evidence-based corporate wellness programs in Roswell, GA. Clients who are not fond of big box gyms love our studio.

In addition to a well-equipped studio, we tailor corporate fitness programs based on what each company needs. Our team understands that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to health and wellness. So, we put together services that best address each client’s fitness concerns. These services include fitness, food, and brain training.

Under fitness, we provide Personal Training, Small Group P.T., Chi Running and Walking workshops, and kettlebell training. In food-related matters, we readily provide nutrition coaching and education. Our services are not the only great thing about us, though.

When you let us arrange a corporate fitness program for you, you can rest assured that you will achieve your company’s health and wellness goals. Every person who works for us gets up in the morning with a commitment to community improvement through fitness. From our CEO to our admin, our team makes sure your employees are in good hands.

Schedule a consultation with us, today, and let’s get started on your program.