All good personal trainers study nutrition and the latest workout techniques…

…but the best Personal Trainer studies YOU.

Does your trainer spend your training time on his/her phone?  At CoreMatters in downtown Historic Roswell, you get 100% of your certified personal trainer’s attention. Why? Because when our personal trainers customize your work and make sure you do it right, you get ALL of the benefit. Personal training at Roswell’s CoreMatters makes you fit and STRONG.

SFG Kettle Bells

Our Russian “hardstyle” kettlebells program is the best core workout on the planet.  Build muscle density to get strong because strength will make you better at everything you do.  Practice as:

  1. personal training in our Roswell studio of strength
  2. part of the CoreMatters Small Group Personal Training program.

First, take our Intro to SFG Kettle Bells Workshop in order to learn the basics.

Personal Training

Your goals are our goals. Whether you want a strong back or core or help with your eating program, when you hire one of our Personal Trainers for a custom 1-to-1 program, you get results.  Address your needs on your schedule.

Request your free consultation and we’ll call you.

Small Group Personal Training

Enjoy a group atmosphere but with personal training in our Small Group Personal Training program.  When your workout matches your ability, you get results.

Strengthen your back and core in our most popular program!

Space is limited and by reservation only.

To schedule your consultation today, use the button below

Studio Classes

Come to our Beginners Yoga class whenever you can because you’ll:

  1. strengthen your body
  2. stabilize your body
  3. relieve your stress

Schedule below or call us at (404) 435-6367.

Chi Running & Chi Walking

It’s not running or walking that hurts us. It’s the way we run or walk. Why learn efficient movement? Because you will eliminate pain and injury–forever!

Beginners, Triathletes and seasoned Ultras are welcome.

Take the 3- or 4-hour Basics workshop in our private Roswell studio and then start using the technique in your running practice the next day.