Aug 12, 2008 / by corematters / 1 Comment

My daughter is driving now. And I feel a door closing.

She very happily took herself school shopping this weekend. Only needed me for directions once. Used her cellphone as a grown-up tool rather than accessory. Used her own debit card. Bought a little lunch.

Although I saw this coming, I didn’t feel it until this weekend.

She now parents herself. As our relationship morphs into one involving 2 adults moving through the world side by side, rather than one of an adult leading a child, I must close the door on my old role.

If you’re trying to lose weight or tone muscle, you may also have to close the door on the past.

Focus on what you can do now. What steps will get you to the place where you are healthier and more fit?

Whatever you tried before, unsuccessfully, close the door on.

And then trust me, a new one will open.