ChiWalk It Off

Did your candidate win?  Are you pleased with the election results?  If so, congratulations.  You’ll feel good for some time to come.

But what if your candidate did not win?  How will you deal with that disappointment?  I can think of many many ways to deal with disappointment…but being in the fitness profession, I have to come back to the idea that with any bad news, you should probably walk it off.  Or burn it off with some cardio.  If you choose to burn it off, you should start feeling better in about 30 minutes.

If you choose to ChiWalk, it might take a little longer, but hopefully you’ll be outdoors enjoying the scenery and maybe even taking in a little sunshine for some badly needed Vitamin D.  Focus on what you’re doing.  Give your brain a rest.  Feel your legs move, listen to your soft footfall, and breathe!

Either way, you’ll be doing your body and your head a favor by removing the disappointment chemicals from your cells.  Remember to drink plenty of water.   And keep walking!

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