Are You Over 60?

Once we reach a certain age, whatever that number might be, a few things come into focus. Our priorities and goals shift. And our lives change. For me, living a full, independent and physical life became especially important when I hit 60. Suddenly, I could see the end of my life. The clarity was startling.

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Is this toxin in YOUR food?

Imagine for a moment that a poisonous substance somehow got into 74% of the processed food in your local supermarket. Eat too much of this toxic substance and you’re headed for a life filled with hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, cancer, and dementia. You do some research and find out a few startling things:

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We’ve Had Some Alarming News About Sugar Lately…

We’ve had some alarming news about sugar lately. It is a much bigger health problem than previously thought. According to a new government report published in the May issue of the National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief, young U.S. adults are consuming more added sugars in their food and …Click Title to Continue  

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What are Beliefs and Why Do We Care About Them?

Beliefs are not facts. They are only interpretations or value judgments you make about yourself, your experiences, and the world around you. They are the meaning we assign to things. For example: If you weighed yourself and your weight did not change this week, it is a verifiable fact. But you may conclude that your

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Healing Touch of the Dove

My clients often hear me talk about their myofascia tissue and how it’s actually in charge of the body. If you’ve ever had a situation that doesn’t quite get fixed despite massage and/or chiropractic adjustments, this may be what’s…Click Title to Continue behind the problem. Iris Mack, owner of Healing Touch of the Dove, is

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Her Doctor’s Jaw Dropped!

Our first TakeDown Challenge was a huge success. Our 12 challengers lost 110 lbs of FAT in 28 days by eating “normal” food that you can buy at Publix. People reported“more energy, sleeping better, wedding ring is looser, clothing is too big, skin is brighter,and more.” But the change we’re most proud of is the

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Training for Vacation. What ??

I just returned from a mini-vacation in Oregon. My daughter had invited me to come hang out with her. Turns out that by “hang out,” she meant hike on Cougar Mountain near Seattle (3 hours), walk around her neighborhood the next day for 3 hours, cross-country ski 4 miles on Mt. Hood the dayafter in

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Is Chi Running truly effortless running?

by Danny Dreyer I’d like to clear up a bit of confusion about Chi Running that seems to crop up every now and then. Some runners have come to Chi Running workshops expecting their running to feel effortless by the end of the class. Then they write us afterwards and complain that they didn’t feel

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Common Sense

I planned to write about several things in our first newsletter of 2014. But instead, I boiled it all down to two things I’m using as my own “core matters” in 2014: 1.  Simplicity, and 2. a proverb:  Don’t be chased by your problems…Be led by your dreams. If I had to give only one

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Bah Humbug!

Is your mailbox jammed with advice about how to navigate party buffets or make low-calorie drink choices? Well, if you are on the edge of a diagnosis–pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol–our National 6-week Holiday Binge can tip you into the red. So you want to read all that advice and follow it. But if

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