Are you feeling burned out?

Better question:  Who ISN’T burned out?

It’s a pretty common theme as the responsibility of work and life pile up. Especially as we age and find ourselves carrying the weight of children and our parents on top of our jobs.

Companies are getting leaner (which means more work for us), our schedules are jammed as we struggle to juggle, costs are going up, and at some point, if it once was, it’s not fun anymore.

Burnout can express itself many ways. Headaches. Chronic muscle tightness. Poor sleep. Anxiety. Digestion problems. Poor vision. Tension in the jaw. Belly fat. Bad movement patterns. Maybe even injuries.

What’s happening?

In a nutshell, burnout is caused by poor quality recovery.  Recovery is the most overlooked and under-valued part of good health. When the recovery method is inadequate or inappropriate to the amount of stress, we have a problem. If we don’t  reduce, recover from, and manage stress, we burn out.

At CoreMatters, we know a way to change that.  To learn what stress and burn out is doing to your body (or your company), take our Stress Management workshop or book us to bring our Stress Management workshop to your business.

In 45 minutes, you’ll understand why you feel the way you do and learn 5 simple things you can do (most of them at your desk!) to help.

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