Jan 20, 2014 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

Is your mailbox jammed with advice
about how to navigate party buffets or make low-calorie drink choices?

Well, if you are on the edge of a diagnosis–pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol–our National 6-week Holiday Binge can tip you into the red. So you want to read all that advice and follow it.

But if you’re not, my advice is to delete it! It’s not what we do on holidays or at parties that pack on pounds or raise our blood sugar in hazardous ways. It’s what we do the other 300+ days of the year that define our health and wellness.


If you’re carrying around a few extra pounds or noticing a lack of energy most of the time, then avoiding the eggnog isn’t going to change that.
The question is, what are you doing to the rest of the year? Do you have a plan that makes your body a party-food incinerator?
If you don’t, we can help. Eating simple, clean food and exercising appropriately will change your body. We already know that exercise will reduce most people’s risk of developing diabetes and growing obese. In fact, we’re closing in on how those changes occur at the cellular level. According to a newly published study by researchers affiliated with the Lund University Diabetes Centre in Sweden, exercise “may affect the risk for Type 2 diabetes and obesity by changing DNA methylation of those genes.” Several of the genes most affected are known to affect the body’s metabolism. Interestingly, the study observed the muscle cell methylation changes were far more pronounced among the volunteers who had exercised vigorously.
The key is to make vigorous exercise part of what you do on a regular basis.