Feeling a Bit Off?

Things have a way of catching up with us. Take Daylight Savings Time.  That always throws me off.  My circadian rhythm does not like it and I spend at least a week, this year bit more, trying to re-stabalize and sleep properly. And where I live, it’s pollen season.  We have a pretty intense time

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Take a Walk!

Did you know 50% of the kids who started school after the year 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes–which used to be called Adult-Onset until so many young people and kids started being diagnosed with it. And did you know that 2/3 of the US population over the age of 45 has been diagnosed with

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Why Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

I get asked this all the time. The simple answer is because your health is personal.  Every body is different, so why should your health plan be like anyone else’s?  You can get on a machine and work it, or do endless squats, but will it accomplish the goal you yourself are actually after?  What

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Why We’re Not Having a January Sale

It’s noisy out there.  Jenny–and every solution that looks like Jenny–wants you.   They’ve called in big guns this year.  And they all want one thing:  a contract on your New Year’s Resolution. But here’s the truth. Resolutions just don’t work. Ok.  Once in a while they might.  But usually they don’t because a resolution is

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How to Lose Your Middle-Age Middle, Part 1 of 3

We’ve all experienced it.  It happens.  And we’re usually surprised.  At first we deny it.  But eventually, when we move up to the next jeans size, we see it clearly:  we’ve changed.  More specifically, our bellies have changed. Why?  Well, it looks like a simple formula, but it’s complicated.  It’s basically like this:   we get

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Know anyone with Hip or Back or Knee or Neck Pain?

How many times have you tried to fix your knee?  Or you back?  Or your neck? How many doctors have you seen?  Other providers?  Have you tried supplements?  Herbs?  Vitamins? It’s not your fault that nothing’s worked.   By the time your pain is chronic, your situation is complicated.  It won’t respond to a one-time, one-line

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How Do YOU Define Good Health?

One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that “Good Health” means something different to everyone. Don’t believe me? Get 2 of your friends to post their definition here and let’s just see….

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A Chemical by Any Other Name…

…tastes just as sweet as before its name change.    And is still the same test-tube cocktail it was before the name-change. The-sweetner-formally-known-as-Aspertame is now called:  AminoSweet. That’s a much better name, wouldn’t you agree?  Sounds so–what?–why downright HEALTHY!!  Aminos are good for you, right?  And if they’re sweet, hey, does it get any better? Ajinomoto,

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What’s for Dinner?

It’s already hot where I live.  So I want  potato salad.  I love cold potato salad–but only homemade.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?  Here’s mine: boil whatever potatoes you have.  (I trim them and cut off any spots, but leave the skins on.  I’m lazy, and the skins are nutritious.) Drain and chill. Cut them

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How to Get From Mindless Eating to Mindful: PAY ATTENTION! READ THIS!

Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Laboratory, has made his career pointing out the mindless (and often mind-blowing) mistakes we make when choosing what, when and how much to eat. In one of his best-known studies, Wansink gave moviegoers at a Philadelphia theater 14-day-old popcorn instead of a fresh batch (Wansink

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