Our Champions!

As 2018 wraps up, I want to take the time to tell you a couple of our best success stories.  These are about clients who kept coming back whenever LIFE knocked them off the track or who made small changes with large impacts.

When M started with us, she couldn’t get up and down from the floor, so all of her workouts had to be done standing.    And when a family member became ill and required surgery and her help, she came back to the studio as soon as she could.  Well, it’s seven months later, and she’s lost 50 lbs and can now do a push-up–ON THE FLOOR, ON HER TOES!

When L took our Chi Running workshop, he was looking to get out of pain.  Four weeks later, HE QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!!

A started our Vision training component in September, but she didn’t practice her drills more than twice per week. Her job was demanding, she traveled, and in the middle of it, she moved.  But after only 4 weeks, SHE NO LONGER NEEDS HER READING GLASSES.  We’re working on her distance skills now!

Really all of our clients are our 2018 champions. They all started where they were and kept working at being better.  In fact, that’s one of our Rules of Engagement here at the studio:  Commit to practice and to being better.  They have surgery, they go off to care for loved ones, their workload explodes, and while they have to miss a week or two, they return because they feel better, move better, sleep better, live better when they take care of themselves.

We love to help people. please make an appointment for a consultation.  We’ll spend some time figuring out the best path for YOU.

CoreMatters is a Health and Performance company.  We are a private, locally owned and operated company. That’s one reason we can customize everything we do.  The other reason is because One Size Only Fits One…it never fits All.

We hope you enjoy the holidays. It’s national party season, so the best you can do now is reduce your stress levels and have a good time. Try to get extra rest and drink lots of water.  It will be national purge season before you know it!  If you’d like some help, schedule a FREE Consultation today! Call 404.435.6367 or annmarie@ourcorematters.com


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