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Once we reach a certain age, whatever that number might be, a few things come newly into focus. Our priorities and goals shift. And our lives change. For me, living a full, independent and physical life became especially important when I hit 60. People around me were breaking down. My own father lost his will to live because he could no longer DO anything. That opened my eyes. It was no longer a question of what I looked like. The question became, and still is, what can I DO? Can I keep “playing” with my kids? My unborn grandkids? Can I still travel? Learn new things? Soon, I realized I needed full body strength, and I needed as much as possible, as soon as possible!
But when you begin your quest during middle age, what is the best path?  What is the safest, most effective way to become strong? In seeking answers to those questions is how I found SFG Kettle bells practice, THE best core workout on the planet! The SFG method embodies the best of all worlds.  It teaches us that intensity and kindness to our bodies go together. It gives us the freedom of setting aside aesthetic goals, and improving performance above all else. It teaches us a mind/body practice with a goal to polish form rather than chase reps or increase weight. Our bodies change as a side effect. It is the “gentler side of strength.” We believe that strength has a greater purpose:  to be able to volunteer and be useful during an emergency, to age without becoming a burden, to be the best version of yourself.  We are extremely proud to be Roswell’s only SFG studio.
 Join us and you, too, can be the strongest version of your self!
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