Jul 03, 2013 / by Ann-Marie Giglio / No Comments

Does the thought of getting back in shape give you a headache?

You’ve probably tried a couple of things already.  And now, you just can’t seem to get started again, even if you know it’s the right thing to do.

Why is that?  Because your emotional memory is a memory of  failure.  And that part of your brain is holding the rest of your brain hostage!

But listen, it’s not your fault that you failed those times before.  Most people fail because of these mistakes.  The reason they make mistakes is that they’re not fitness professionals.  A good fitness professional spends 40-60 hours a week studying fitness and health!  Who has time for that?

So what are the most common mistakes?

Probably the biggest one is folks don’t know what to do.  Have you ever walked into a gym with a magazine in hand to do a workout you saw and then stopped dead in your tracks?  You’re looking at machines and balls and weights and bands.   How exactly do you use them?  Even if you just do the workout in hand, how do you know you’re doing it correctly?  How do you keep from getting injured?

The second mistake is working out too much.  More is NOT better.  When you over-work (and under-recover and under-eat), you burn out your adrenal glands.  You feel lousy, can’t stand the thought of exercise, and guess what else?  You won’t burn an ounce of fat.

Another mistake is doing the same old same old.  That’s BORING.  And, there’s no point to it.  The body demands challenge.  So staying the same won’t get you anywhere.

Put all that together and you produce the next mistake:  starting and stopping.  People don’t stay with a program long enough to produce meaningful results.  They jump from one program to another until their emotional memory says, “NO MORE!”

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking you can do it yourself.  Being accountable to yourself is pretty hard to do, with all the other responsibilities in your life.  And you’ll never push yourself as hard as a qualified coach will.  People hire coaches all the time:  dance instructors, doctors, financial advisers, real estate agents–why not a fitness coach?

If you’ve made any of these mistakes , it’s not your fault.   You just need a better plan to follow.  My plan is to work smarter, not harder.  If my program fits your schedule, join us for my next 21-Day Fat-Loss Challenge and learn to do it right.  It starts Monday, July 8 at 9am or 6pm, and we only have 4 spots left, so register today!