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We know now that certain foods prevent or inhibit cancerous cell growth.  Here’s Dr. David Servan-Schrieber’s list of 20 common vegetables that inhibit developement of brain, colon, lung, and/or prostate cancers:

Asparagus                                       Green Beans

Beets                                                Jalapeno Peppers

Broccoli                                            Kale

Brussel Sprouts                                Leeks

Cabbage                                          Onions

Cauliflower                                      Savoy Cabbage

Celery                                              Scallions

Eggplant                                          Spinach

Fiddlehead Fern                               Turnips


These foods can fit easily into a roasting pan or soup.  With the cooler weather coming, you can think of these–and use these–as double comfort foods!

If you find all this interesting or want to know more, take a look at Dr. Schreiber’s book, Anti-Cancer:  A New Way of Life.  It’s available at the usual locations.

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