The group that can help you achieve your health goals.

Ann-Marie Giglio, Founder and CEO

I had my first child just before my 37th birthday. What?  But get this, the second didn’t come until I was nearly 45. Within days of her birth, I was doing math. Lots of it. I figured out how old I’d be when she graduated from high school…then college…

And that’s what pushed me onto the path that led to opening this studio. What I learned about health and fitness amazed me and I wanted to tell everyone about it!  Getting the word out is what gets me up in the morning.  My certifications, mind/body, bio-mechanical, brain-based,  global approach form the foundation of every CoreMatters system.

Contact Ann-Marie at (404) 436.6367 or annmarie@ourcorematters.com

Marcus Adan, Certified Personal Trainer

I was born in Atlanta  and was a very active kid, mostly playing outside.  When I was in high school, I took a weight-training course and saw my basketball game improve. I was impressed by what the body could do from a performance aspect after training it.  I took a gap year before college and discovered my passion for Exercise Science.  I subsequently graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and certification from the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist.

Since coming to CoreMatters, I have been following my passion for biomechanics and recently certified as a Strong First Giryra Kettle Bell Instructor.  I have also obtained full certification as a Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach.  I will complete my Masters degree program in Exercise Science this Fall.  My goal is to help people move and feel better for life!

Shoshanna Friedman, Group Fitness Instructor

I was adopted at age 5 from Germany and lived as a child in New Jersey. I moved to Georgia about 26 years ago.

My specialties are yoga, aerobics/aqua, Pilates and weight resistance conditioning.  My diversity and ambition give me ample venues to choose from in finding ways to approach most any problem. I also enjoy researching to learn what I don’t understand

At the end of a session, I hope my class or my client feels good about their efforts and is encouraged to continue. I enjoy my work and find great joy in helping others reach their fitness goals!

Cheryl Henleben, Admin

I have been a Roswell resident for 18 years and thoroughly enjoy the downtown Roswell vibe.

Ann-Marie and I met several years ago when our kids ran cross country together at Roswell High School.  Shortly after she opened her first studio I began helping out with the administrative tasks and have continued on for over 7 years.  My background includes 11+ years in mid-level management with Marriott Corporation before taking some time to spend with my children.

When I started the Small Group Personal Training I could barely do any of the exercises.  Today I am stronger, have more energy, sleep better, and am both more centered and balanced due to everything I have learned at CoreMatters!