5 Reasons SFG-style Kettle Bells Are Good for Your Back

1. SFG Kettlebell work strengthens your glutes. The late Vladimir Janda, MD from Czech Republic observed that people with low back dysfunction often exhibit “gluteal amnesia.” An improper recruitment pattern leads to increasing back problems as the back has to take over the lifting task of the glutes. The glutes are strongly emphasized in SFG style kettlebells.

2. Kettlebell exercises stretch the hip flexors. In Janda’s research, weak glutes were associated with tight hip flexors, which create pelvic dysfunction. The SFG system is second to none in promoting hip flexor flexibility.

3. SFG Kettle bells develop back endurance. Stuart McGill, PhD, the #1 spine biomechanist in the world, concluded that while lower back strength surprisingly does not appear to reduce the odds of back problems, muscular endurance does. SFG Kettle bells trains the 2 best endurance practices, the swing and the snatch.

4. “Bracing” is superior to “hollowing” for spinal stability. Misinterpreted research has led to the popular recommendation to “pull your navel in toward your spine.” But according to Dr. McGill, “bracing,” a symmetric stiffening of all the muscles surrounding the spine, “is a superior technique.” SFG practice uses bracing extensively.

5. Sensible ballistic loading appears to reduce the odds of arthritis. Repetitive ballistic loading seems to be beneficial to your joints–provided you don’t overdo it. According to Drs. Verkhoshansky and Siff, “Joint cartilage subjected to regular repetitive laoding remains healthy and copes very well with impulsive loads, whereas cartilage that is heavily loaded infrequently softens.” An SFG practice includes kettlebell swings and other quick lifts with the directive to stop before fatigue.

An SFG Kettle bell practice is the gift that keeps giving. It strengthens your back, it burns fat, it creates muscle density, and it simplifies your strength training. I love it, and now you know some of the reasons why!

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