People think I am strong and healthy because of genetics, or because I spend all day working out. No and No!  Not a gym rat.  Never have been.  I WORK all day in my studio running a business. My genetics? My father already had full-blown Type 2 Diabetes for 10 years when he was my age; my mom, sisters and brothers are all overweight or obese, pre-diabetic or Type 2, have back problems and/or have high blood pressure.  Genetically, it doesn’t look so good for me.

Then how did I get in the best shape of my life at age 64?  I chose to.  By creating an environment for health, both inside and outside of my body, I will not turn on the bad genes.

I make sure I strength and cardio train (including kettle bells–and run 5k’s with my daughter if she asks!), eat food I like correctly, take Juice Plus every day, get plenty of sleep, breathe deeply, use Neals Yard organic products, and clean and sanitize my studio and my home without chemicals, using only water and Norwex products, and try essential oils first when I need to treat something. I also get regular chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Strengthen, Fuel, Recover and Optimize the Brain: these 4 Pillars of Health are the “Core Matters” and the foundation of everything we do because science has taught me 3 important things: 1. There is an ENORMOUS difference between aging and decaying; 2. Good aging is achieved by combining Strength, Fitness, good Brain Mapping, Solid Nourishment, and complete Recovery; and 3. If your goal is NOT to be a bodybuilder, you don’t have to train like one to achieve #1 & 2–but you can still get wicked strong!  And being strong is awesome–and fun!

STRENGTH & FITNESS Strength Matters

Strengthen your core, lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy!


Learn how to eat!

Stop the insanity and let’s learn to eat simple, real food that we enjoy, the fuel our body is designed for.


Rest & Recovery and Stress-Management are essential. Without either, our health and fitness suffers.