Feb 18, 2009 / by corematters / No Comments

Let’s talk about diets.

According to Webster’s, diet means the food you eat.

Not the 1200 calorie version.  The actual food you eat every day.

Want to lose weight?  Be conscious and careful of every thing you put into your mouth.  Measure out the cost/benefits ratio.  Is this spoonful giving me clean, complex, whole energy for my body?

And if you’ve added movement to your diet, don’t stop eating!  Many people think they should up their workout but not their food intake.  No.  It’s the opposite.  When you begin to work out, you’ll need fuel sufficient to support your muscles and respiration.

If you do not fuel your workouts, your body will think it’s starving–and it is–so it will go into starvation mode.  That’s a much slower metabolism, and the reason you hit a plateau in your weight loss effort.