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Your 13 Health Improvement Tips for 2013

Think of this as Resolution Rescue:

1. Set your goals! Make sure you have a clear reason for making the changes you’ll need to make. It cannot be to lose weight. Weight is the wrong number to watch. (Read more about weight here.) A better goal would be to lose a dress size.

2. Plan! Without a plan, you won’t get anywhere. It’s your map. You need a clear timeline, also. (If you don’t know what to do, a good personal trainer can help. Hire one. Check my schedule here.) Make sure you timeline has deadlines. A goal without deadlines is just a dream.

3. Plan to review. Set a reminder on a calendar to check in every 3 months. Just like a business, review your progress. Tweak your program if needed.

4. Grab a friend. Study after study shows that working out with a friend gets you both in better shape! You are accountable to one another, support each other, and we just plain enjoy being with a friend.

5. Make the time. Get out your calendar and schedule your workouts. Make them a priority, but make them fit into your life. Find a workout near your home or work place. And then get it on your calendar!

6. Make it interesting. Find something new to try. Find an instructor you like. Step out of your routine.

7. Think efficiency. The best return on your time and money is high intensity interval training. If you’re pressed for time, find a class or personal trainer who knows how to deliver this. It’s the most effective approach for burning fat, building muscle, and improving cardio-vascular health.

8. Forget about the past. Whatever you tried before isn’t important. What matters is that you give 2013 your full attention. Most people fail because they don’t stick with a program LONG ENOUGH!

9. No one is perfect. Don’t beat yourself up about a missed workout or an indulgent meal. Aim for 80-90% of perfect! After all, we’re only human…

10. Eat clean. Get the junk out of your body–stop eating it!  Eat frequently.  No starving! (Read more about that here.)

11. SEE where you’re going.  Make sure you have visualized the changes you want to make.  Clearly.  See yourself in your new jeans, on your next vacation.

12. Give yourself credit. Remember, you are making important changes. Celebrate each success with a reward that’s not food.  Be creative!

13.  Never never never never never give up.  Never!