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Would it be OK if you never had to diet again?

You know how people are always on a diet?  And everyone knows that the minute they stop their diet, the weight will come right back—maybe with a couple extra pounds attached.  Most people would love to take weight off one time and keep it off forever. Well, you can. I’m here to tell you, STOP

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Are You Sick of Feeling Like a Failure?

The latest data says that a third of all adults in the United States are obese, and another third are overweight–and thus on the path to chronic illness. How could this happen? I assure you, it’s NOT a lack of willpower, or about laziness, or genes. Nor is it because you lack one thing: one special

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Top 7 Ways to Reduce Stress (no purchase necessary)

(Click the photo to continue reading…) Recently, I’ve noticed many people (clients, friends, family and colleagues) are struggling with finding a balance between their demanding careers, home life and their health. Folks are going through the day on 5-6 hrs of sleep or less (sleep interrupted by kids or worry), downing tons of coffee or

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Will You Be Fit In a Year – Week 15

Food Labels continued… Onward to the math section of our Food Nutrition label.  Keep in mind that these labels are deliberately confusing.  Manufacturers want you to become frustrated and give up.  They want you to rely on the advertisement all over the package rather than take the time to do the math.  AND they’ve listed

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Will You Be Fit In a Year? Week 14

Read the Label! If we are going to make good choices about food, our choices have to be informed by facts.  Shopping the perimeter of a grocery store, the facts are pretty clear.  We can rely on our senses.   Ripe or unripe?  Fresh or old? Firm or mushy? But to make informed choices in the aisles

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 9

Please–Don’t Watch Your Weight! By: Ann-Marie Giglio You hear it all the time.  Your doctor wants you to lose weight.  Your friends are worried about losing weight (maybe because their doctors told them to).  Marie Osmond, Jennifer Hudson, and so many others are in your face about lost weight.  (How much you wanna bet they hired

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Will You Be Fit in a Year? Week 6

Small Changes This week we’re thinking about small changes to our diets. Diet = the food you eat.  Look it up.  That’s what the definition is. Has anyone taken soft drinks out of their diets yet?  How about just removing one or two that you currently drink during the day and replacing with water?  If

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Will You be Fit in a Year? FIY Week 5

Take Stock of Your Eating Habits By: Ann-Marie Giglio The next step — keep track of what you eat. Write it down. Every bite. These things that you eat are your diet.  Not Marie Osmond’s or Atkins’.  Your diet is simply the food you consume.  Look it up in the dictionary.  Diet = what you

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Weight-Loss: The Biggest Lie

I can barely stand the month of January.  Everywhere I turn, or everything I turn on, is blaring at me about losing weight.  Sensa, Jenny, Nutri-Systems, SlimFast, and worst of all, Weight-Watchers, are all yelling at us to lose weight.  Even our doctors are saying it. I guess we really can’t call it a lie

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Losing Weight is Not a Goal!

I hear this from people all the time:  “I want to lose __ pounds.” My response is always the same:  “And then what?” Why?  Because losing weight is not a goal.  It’s a temporary and finite experience. And it’s integral to the yo-yo experience.  Sure you feel good for the accomplishment.  But how long does

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