Chi Running

“In the 2 years since I took your workshop, I am still injury free. That includes over 2200 miles of running. I tell all my running friends about your class. Thanks again”     David R.

TRI-ATHLETES: You won’t need your legs to run. We run with our core!

DISTANCE RUNNERS:  Increase your efficiency and eliminate your injuries.

BEGINNERS:  Running is habit-forming.  Start with ChiRunning® to form the best and safest habits.

Workshops include:

  • The Keys to running efficiently and injury-free
  • The Physics of Chi Running:  how to run without using your legs!
  • ChiRunning® versus Power Running
  • The 4 elements of the Chi Running form
  • Body sensing
  • Learning to use your gears
  • How to run hills
  • Putting it all together
  • ChiRunning® is designed to teach you bio-mechanically correct forms of movement. The workshop will provide you with a clear sense of what the Chi Running® method feels like in your body.  This is not a run.   Workshops are mostly indoors, but we will be outside for parts of it, so dress in layers.   Bring water, and wear the shoes you usually run in.

Chi Walking

“You probably saved my knees! Everything you said made so much sense!”     Anne Y.

Ever finish a walk with sore knees, calves or a backache–or even a headache?

Become a Chi Walker and make pain a thing of the past!

ChiWalking® is the efficient, injury-free way to walk by using bio-mechanically correct alignment. We eliminate overuse and impact.

Each workshop covers the method’s five steps:

  • Get Aligned
  • Engage your core
  • Create balance
  • Make a choice
  • Move forward