All of our programs are provided by Certified Personal Trainers who are full-time professionals.  When you absolutely positively have to have the very best, call us.

At CoreMatters, you’ll get answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems. And best of all, we’ll teach you to take care of yourself. Our programs prepare you for what you do outside of the studio. We’ll be there to help every step of the way, tweaking and refining until we get it just right–for YOU.  That’s what a Professional Coach does. All good personal trainers study nutrition and the latest workout techniques…

…but the best Personal Trainers study YOU.

Our programs strengthen your entire body from the inside out and work to restore correct brain messaging. We start with your all important Core. We create strong backs and good posture. Our system works to achieve balance in this order:  alignment, clear signaling, and flexibility first, stability second, and then strength, third. This order ensures that your body moves according to its bio-mechanical design: efficiently and pain-free.

SFG Kettle Bells

SFG Kettle Bells: You can be anything you like, but you must be Strong First! Available as 1-to-1 Personal Training, and as part of our Semi-Private Personal Training program. Intro to SFG Kettle Bells Workshop or pre-screening REQUIRED!

Personal Training

Hire one of our Professional Coaches for a custom 1-to-1 program that addresses your personal needs and fits your schedule. Call (404) 435-6367 to schedule your intake consultation or complete the request form and we’ll call you.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Join our Semi-Private Personal Training program for instruction and coaching delivered by a Certified Personal Trainer who will customize the small (6 or less) group’s workout to fit your needs. This is our most popular program! Call (404) 435-6367 to schedule your consultation today or complete the request below and we’ll call you.

Studio Classes

Does your schedule need evening sessions?  Or do you prefer a more spontaneous class? Come to our night classes and cover the basics, including Core work, cardio, strength training, breathing, stress relief, and balance training. Schedule below or call us at (404) 435-6367.

Chi Running & Chi Walking

These workshops teach you to run and walk without injury. We run with our core, not our legs! By combining elements of T’ai Chi with the practice of running and walking, we create efficiency and eliminate all impact and overuse–and therefore, eliminate all pain and injury–forever!  It’s not running or walking that hurts us. It’s the way we run or walk.