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Juice Plus

Juice Plus:   “The news isn’t that fruits and vegetables are good for you.  It’s that they are so good for you they could save your life.”  That came from an article in Time Magazine, Oct 2003, by David Bjerklie.

Read that article.

Then tell me, are you and your family getting 9-13 servings every day?

Imagine what an extra 17 or more servings per day could do.  That’s why I take and promote Juice Plus.  17 servings of organic fruits and veggies every day.  My kids take it, too.

And since I added the Vineyard Blend (12 more servings!), my asthma is gone!  That’s because it kicks back inflammation.  It’s not a vitamin. It’s food.  The right food.

Here’s what one doctor has to say about Juice Plus: “There is nothing else available any place in the world, with or without a prescription, that has been clinically proven to do what Juice Plus does.” Dr. Richard DuBois

What does it do? Juice Plus is clinically proven to be bio-available, to reduce oxidative stress, to reduce bio-markers of systemic inflammation, to support a healthy immune system, to protect DNA, to support cardiovascular wellness, to support healthy skin and to support healthy gums.  Read the studies…view the evidence.

The science behind it and the gold standard scientific research that backs it up can be found here:  Juice Plus

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