Nutrition matters! We need food to keep our bodies operating at their best. But what does that mean?

The diet and supplement industry is a $60 billion a year business based on the premise that buyers will fail…and try again…and fail.  Why so much failure?  Mostly because the industry isn’t interested in long-term success, and their programs and pills and supplements actually make your body much better at storing fat.

The problem isn’t you or your body or your genetics. The problem is the program. Work with our Health Solution Experts and learn how your body really works. We will teach you how to eat the “normal” food you (and your family) love. You learn to make smart choices wherever life takes you!  Diet is not what you don’t eat.  Your diet is what you DO eat. We will show you how to create your personal diet that makes your body burn fat, gain muscle and bone, and be incredibly healthy and drug-free. No app can do that!

Juice Plus

Juice Plus adds the nutrition of up to 30 vegetables, fruits and grains to your diet every single day. It does not take the place of vegetables and fruits. It bridges the gap between what you should be eating and what you actually eat. Our trainers all use JuicePlus. Ask us about it! And click here to see what the experts say.


The 28-day KICK START is the introduction to our Balanced Habits for LIFE program.  The KICK START group contest runs 3 times per year, January, May and September. Yes, it’s a contest (with prizes!), but it’s also 28 days that kickstart your metabolism simply by eating the food you (& your family) like!  If you can follow directions and eat REAL food, you can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. So far, our KICK START people have lost 250 pounds of FAT in 28 days by eating the food they chose. This program fills up fast. You have already missed the Winter & the Spring KICK START.  The good news?  You can already reserve your spot for September. Get the details by clicking here.


Would it be ok if you never “dieted” again? This 3-.6-, and 12-month private coaching program will teach you exactly what your body needs to thrive and support you so you can change your habits–for LIFE. If you just finished the KICK START, this is the perfect next step.  You receive weekly private sessions with your coach to learn about nutrition and to stay on track, or to get back on.  If you can follow directions, you can change your body. Call (404) 435-6367 to hire your personal Nutrition Coach today.

Are you looking for the science behind how your body works without reading textbooks? Take our 12-week course, “Weight-Management University-101,” and you can learn the science via 3 different formats: video, pdf, and audio.  Learn at your own pace. This is the perfect program to use before or during your first KICK START or LIFE program!  Click here for more information.

If you are looking for change but you’re not ready for a personal coach, the 3-month self-guided education Precision Nutrition is perfect. This program includes weekly lessons both to create and to ingrain healthy behaviors using the small changes that have the greatest impact. You can purchase this separately but Precision Nutrition is included in all of our packages. Call (404) 435-6367 to schedule your program today!