Balance Better–See Better–Move Better

Do you worry about falling?  Not seeing as well as you used to?  Do you suffer with tight muscles or joints?  Pain that no one can fix?

Train Your Brain Fix Your Body

For some insight into the way your brain works, watch this short TED talk and you’ll begin to understand what we can do with brain-mapping work:

Our 12-week 3 Pillars STRONG program will restore your 3 systems that must work together for optimal health and fitness.

The full program runs for 12 weeks.  Sessions are once per week, 90 minutes per session.

Each participant receives a workbook–and homework–tailored to the individual using our unique assess/re-assess system.

If you’d like to Balance Better, See Better, and Move Better, register for the next 3 Pillars STRONG session that starts soon.   Click HERE or call for more info:    (404) 435-6367