Nutrition matters!

It’s important to realize that the diet and supplement industry is a $66 billion a year business based on the premise that buyers will fail…and try again…and fail.  Why so much failure?  Several reasons but especially because “diet” programs actually make your body much better at storing fat.

At CoreMatters, you learn how to eat, NOT how to diet!

A diet is not what you don’t eat.  Your diet is what you DO eat.  And one size NEVER fits all.

Receive your personal plan created according to your body and activity level–not your spouse’s or you neighbor’s or any celebrity’s.

Teach your body to burn fat, gain tissue and bone, and be incredibly healthy.  We are here to help, every step of the way.  No app can do that!

Learn to eat, NOT to diet. The 28-day KICK START is the introduction to our Balanced Habits for LIFE program. The KICK START runs 3 times per year, January, May and September.  It’s a contest (with prizes!), but it’s also 28 days that kick start your metabolism simply by eating the food you (& your family) like!  If you can follow directions and eat REAL food, you can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Last January, May and September, our KICK START clients safely lost over 300 pounds of FAT in 28 days by eating the food they chose. This program fills up fast. Reserve your spot for the next KICK START now (May 2018).  Details: Click HERE NOW!


This 3-, 6-, and 12-month private coaching program will teach you exactly what your body needs to thrive and support you so you can change your habits–for LIFE. If you just finished the KICK START, this is the perfect next step.  You receive weekly private sessions with your coach to learn about nutrition and to stay on track, or to get back on.  If you can follow directions, you can change your body. Call (404) 435-6367 to hire your personal Nutrition Coach today.

The Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables

Juice PLUS+® adds the nutrition of up to 30 vegetables, fruits and grains to your diet every single day. It does not take the place of vegetables and fruits. It bridges the gap between what you should be eating and what you actually eat. Our trainers all use Juice PLUS+®.  Details: Click HERE Now!


If you struggle with what to eat, we can help!

  • Easy Does It is a 12-week habit-changing easy-to-do program. Establish healthy nutrition habits with our unlimited help. Program includes e-nutritional updates and 15-minute progress assessments every 4 weeks at the CoreMatters
  • Personal Makeover is an intense 12-week program. Program includes e-nutritional updates and three 45-minute progress assessments at the CoreMatters Studio or other locations.  This program also includes kitchen help and trips to the grocery store

Call Ann-Marie at (404)435-6367 for more information