Why SFG Kettlebells?
  • “You can be anything you like, but you must be Strong First.”
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell method delivers extreme all-round fitness—and no other single tool does it better.
  • Kettlebells are compact, inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and can be used anywhere.
  • Kettlebell practice provides efficient strength-training, flexibility and cardio all at once.  Never get on a treadmill again!
  • Kettlebells forge bullet-proof backs!
  • SFG Kettlebell practice will improve your:  Balance, Power, Endurance, Coordination, Strength, and Flexibility
  • Golfers, tennis players–anyone who plays a sport–will notice a difference in their game in only a few weeks.
  • We will teach you the StrongFirst method.  SFG’s like to say Strength Fixes (Almost) Everything!
  • This Special Small Group Personal Training program is limited to 6 PEOPLE PER SESSION.
Mondays, 7:30am &  5:30pm Tuesday, 9:00 am Thursdays,  7:30am & 5:30pm IMPORTANT PreRequisite Required! Before your first session please call to schedule a complimentary assessment  session:  404.435.6367  Or attend our Introduction to SFG Kettlebells Workshop.